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...the tales of 2008 from the highest heels in auckland...

Monday, January 07, 2008

well i used to post my favourite weekly postsecret every monday on ye olde blog so ill stay with the tradition and as its monday... here you go.....

the reason i selected this is because i can relate ... not so much to the 'psych patient' part...


to the inappropriate relationship part

i never thought i could be one of those people that wouldnt form relationships or attachments just because it was considered inappropriate due to the nature of my work or because my position was one of power.... i can admit that i am neither proffesional nor mature enough to be able to not form said attachments. i always wonder how people reach this state of indifference where people (ie hot boys) are just work.

this is why i should never be allowed to become any of the following

boys highschool teacher, nurse, doctor, politician, film/music/tv producer, boys sports coach, dentist, orthodontist...

the list could go on.

back to work today which was basically the end of summer for me, i now get to spend my days in a windowless room featuring heavy air conditioning and the following lighting options

1. neon
2. nothing

luckily i am not in a position of power ......which means..... all the boys at
my job are fair game

cc xx

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well i have realised that i have actually spent my time off work doing something other than going through fore-mentioned "review of my life" and organising some new years resolutions that i wont stick to...

watching teen and/or family movies.

its not that its uncommon for me to view these on a semi regular basis but over these last two weeks i have gone through.... lets say.... more than usual

according to fatso i have viewed

American Pie Presents: Beta House

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
The Game Plan
Surf's Up
Shrek the Third
Evan Almighty
Mean Girls
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Bring it on Again
Bring it on: All or Nothing
Bring it on: In it to Win it
The Perfect Man
Unaccompanied Minors
The Santa Clause 2

not to mention: Dreamgirls, 40 yr Old Virgin, Home Alone 1 and 2.....

after looking at the above list i really have outdone myself ....even past my own expectation

there are a few things i have learnt from all of these movies aimed at demographics i clearly dont fall into; as i am neither 5-16 years old or a mother of a 5-16 year old.... these are as follows

American Pie Beta House is the worst film i have ever seen in my life, with my finger constantly hovering over the 'off' button on my remote, i hung onto some strange hope that this movie would start to get better.... it didnt... it only got ssoooo sooo much worse, the only resemblance it had to any of the other movies from the franchise was that there were some naked girls at some point during the PAINFUL 90 minutes.

This also goes for Bring it on Again, the second film in the Bring it On series.. although this was at least watchable to the point that i didnt deseperately want to kill myself for its duration. What is strange about both of these films is that they were so bad i would have thought they signalled the end of these franchises but they didnt....

American Pie Beta House and Bring it On All or Nothing and In it to Win it followed.... and whats amazing is they were actually well put together films with proper comedy and almost smart writing ... oh and hot boys and girls! ... Everything you could want from a teen film.

So basically don't write an overdone franchise of films because of one bad apple :>

American Pie Beta House also bought me a new hottie:

Steve Talley is his name.... what i have learnt from this is that i think i actually do like blondes, always claiming brunette boys were my thing the recent drunken events of new years and constant list of blonde celebrities i imagine i will one day marry (everyone loves a fantasist)...leads me to believe otherwise

Ok.... ALSO i have come to a conclusion that Steve Carrell is actually not that funny, after seeing 40 yr Old Virgin for the first time a while back i thought he was great but after The Office (American series) and Evan Almighty ... which both were basically based around a main character played by him i have realised that only with other comedians or 'funny' people cast around him does something funny come about....

40 year Old Virgin and Anchorman both have fantastically funny actors and characters.

Being a lover or singing and dancing in films (for explained or unexplained reasons) i was willing to give dreamgirls a chance even though i am not a fan of beyonce... this film taught me that there is a thing as TOO much dancing and singing in a film. any time in this film was apparently a 'good' time for singing ... painful, whining, uninspired singing. it was almost as though the script writer was having a bad week .. or month... and didnt want to write much so they stuck some ridiculous cobb-eld together notes and words and called it a song or 'singing interlude'.

I have also learnt many lessons about friends and family being very important, that being self centered brings you no happiness, relationships and what people you care about think of you is far more important than any dreams you have in life BUT if you can get your dream while forging relationships and gaining respect then you are a hero.

I also saw I am Legend today which was brilliant and f*(#@)king scary.... bit of a weak ending but still great!!

yours truly

sQuare eyes xx

Thursday, January 03, 2008

liz the ever interesting girl has another project this year! good on her :)


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

it's 2008 for anyone who didnt know...

and as for most people at this time of year i am not exempt from falling into the new years resolutions trap ... which then for me always ends in a sort of fatalistic review of my life

firstly the new years resolutions

give up diet coke (something that i highly doubt will ever happen)
give up casual smoking
be more professional at work
be kinder to my family
walk to work (this makes me sweat just by thinking about it and will most probably do it once.....)
be politically vigilant

ok now they are written down they perhaps might be more likely to come to fruition... you know, like a record that can threaten failure every time i think about putting that $1.40 into the drinks vending machine at work

secondly the review or my life.....

it hasnt helped that i have had the last week and a half off work and no more than sitting around the house (between reading books, eating and meeting friends to drink) to accomplish. people always seem to be saying 'i had the best time of my life in my 20's' ... 'the best years are in your 20s', well if thats true and these years i have experienced are infact going to be the best, then the rest of my life isnt going to be very exciting....worrying thought. To be honest my 20s havent been THAT bad but hardly exciting so far. i have a career which i worked for but besides university and work (which to be honest arent that fun nor exciting) i cant really put my finger on anything too out of the ordinary and therefore i am worried that my daily existence is in fact way too ordinary. so perhaps i should make my 26th year the start of my 20s...

or perhaps im just hung over and upset that i lost at star wars monopoly for the first time last night.

ok thats my whinge for today, oh except NEVER ever watch dreamgirls... its fucking awful

Sunday, December 30, 2007

well christmas is over for another year and i thought it may be time to start some mindless blogging again, i now live in my own apartment and for some reason had wild ideas of being just like carrie from sex and the city; while she sits at her window smoking a malboro light thoughtfully banging away on her laptop, writing pure genius as her designer wardrobe sits bulging behind her and the perfect new york moon shines down.

well lets not play spot the difference here ill just keep believing im just like her.

christmas presents included a mr potato head this year, quite excited as i have wanted one for a long time and another benefit of my newly aquired apartment is now that no one shares my living space (which if they did they would most certainly cast a disapproving eye) i can now deck it out with all sorts of things...

when i say things i mean movie memorabilia, replicas of 80's soft toys (namely carebears), highschool musical posters, pens, calendars....

mmmm maybe i should stop, it really does sound slightly frightening... and NOT to mention very unlike carrie bradshaw

1 more day and we will be in election year! another great reason to start blogging again..... as well all know what an important voice i am on such matters :P

come back for more nonsense .... (and biting political debate)

CC xx